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How does an air purification system work?

Where the climate is humid, the air can hold fixed amounts of water vapor. Humidity can seep into homes and cause a variety of problems like breathing problems for some people and humidity can attract insects and pests into the home. Insects and pests that live in homes can make the people who live in these homes really sick and some of the causes are allergies and bacteria. An air purification system can help solve the humid condition in the home.

Air purifiers, also known as dehumidifiers are easy to operate devices that remove excessive humidity and moisture present in the air. 

Dehumidifier Parts

A dehumidifier is part of an air purification system and it simply works by removing excess moisture from the home. All air purifier units feature the following components-

  • Fan compressor – This enables the unit to pull air inside it as well as distributing cooling agent over the coils of the unit.
  • Cooling Coils – These coils cool the air and thus remove the moisture.
  • Air Re-heater – This component reheats the cooled and moisture-free air before it is sent back into your home.
  • Reservoir – All systems have some kind of reservoir, normally it’s a plastic bucket, which is used to collect the excess moisture removed from the air.
  • Even modern dehumidifiers that may have additional or slightly different components to the above, work the same.  They remove moisture and humidity from the air when there is too much. 
  • Additional components that a dehumidifier may consist of include –
  • Hose – To attach to the reservoir
  • Humidistat – This enables you to monitor the air’s humidity levels.
  • Built-in Condensate Pump – To pump the collected water out of the system.

How it works:

  1. From the area, a fan collects the air and it is pulled into the dehumidifier.
  2. The air then passes through the coed coils.
  3. The air is then reheated by the dehumidifier and it is then released back into the room.

These are just a few of the basics of the technology of a dehumidifier.

Types of Dehumidifiers

There is a wide range of dehumidifiers available on the market today, each designed for specific conditions. There are whole-house dehumidifiers and portable units, refrigerative, and dessicant, among others.

The perfect dehumidifier in a space with pleasant temperatures might not work at all in freezing climates. These colder temperatures require either a dessicant-based unit, or features such as auto de-icing to prevent ice buildup and keep the unit functioning well.

The Danby DDR50A2DP Dehumidifier is a portable model that can withstand colder climates; providing a unique low-temperature feature that allows it to operate during temperatures dropping to 41 °F, while the coils are being protected from any ice build-up by the automatic de-icer. Other features, such as the direct drain (which allows for continuous operation), the ability to auto-restart, an easy-clean air filter, and castors for ease of mobility make this unit a convenient purchase.

This Danby DDR50A2SP can remove moisture from a space of up to 3000 square feet, removing up to 50 pints (23.7 liters) a day of water from the air. This unit is Energy Star compliant and the refrigerant is environmentally friendly R410A.

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September 14, 2014
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Surprising Career Advice

The economy is tough right now, and it seems like more than half of my friends are looking for a job. What’s even worse is that many of them have children who will soon be graduating high school looking to get into the workforce. During a recent dinner party, we were discussing this with one of our friends who does career counselling for a local college, and she was overall pretty negative about the career prospects of grads especially in the short-term.

A recent study by US News and World reports showed that over 53% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 have a college degree. What’s even more amazing is that in some regions of the country, the unemployment rate for people with an associates degree is significantly higher than the people who never went to college at all. The rationale is that companies who want a college degree are looking for someone who has a four year bachelor degree which really leave the people with only the two year assoiate degree out in the cold. Additionally, the jobs that don’t require a degree at all are going to people who have only the high school degree. Additionally, these jobs are often the fast food jobs that don’t pay well, but at least keep someone earning a paycheck.

Our friends advice, which greatly surprised me, is that younger people should look more at the service industry and get specialized training for that. Her first example going to a barber school.  This sounds odd coming from someone who does professional counselling for a college, but she explained how the cost of a hair cut had continually risen by 10% per year over the past several decades whereas salaries had roughly stayed the same.   Additionally, the unemployment rate among barbers or hair stylists is one of the lowest in any industry because most salons allow the stylist to rent a chair and then handle walk in traffic.  The salon takes  a cut of each hair cut so adding my stylists, allow them to increase marketing.   Being a barber or hair stylist is great way to have a lower middle class life starting out, and if the person wants to grow can save up their money to either buy a franchise or start their own independent studio.

The second career she was really impressed with was Medical Administration.  While a long job description can be found here, in a nutshell this is an entry level office job in which the person will greet the patients, schedule the appointments, answer the phones, and the position can eventually lead to processing insurance.   The entry level job for this will pay $2-3 higher than minimum wage and offer career growth maxing at the $40,000 per year for someone who can can a small private practice.  The job is great for someone who is looking for office work, but doesn’t have the time or money to get a full blown four year college degree.  Additionally, there are always small medical offices popping up.  It can be a challenge getting the first job which is why the salary can be so low for someone with little to know experience, but after someone has 2 years experience there is always going to be jobs.




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September 11, 2014
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A rising trend in D.I.Y home renovations: Your work boots are not the only safety item you should be using

With do-it-yourself style home renovations on the rise, it’s important for the home renovator to be aware of the most suitable protective equipment that will help get them through the project unharmed.
Home renovation may be a tricky and time consuming endeavor, but it’s definitely worthwhile with your newly painted walls and refreshed looking home. A contractor may be too expensive, so many instead to do the work themselves, which can be cost effective and fun. However, if you’re inexperienced in the field, there are many safety regulations to follow, and you should be especially careful to protect your body. Thus, you have to know about the essential protective equipment for any do-it-yourself home renovator.
Listed below are the 5 most common items of protective equipment that every D.I.Y renovator should have in his/her toolbox:

  • A Hard hat – especially if you will be doing some demolition.
  • Goggles – to protect your eyes from flying splinters and dust.
  • Face shield – as an extra precaution against most hazards.
  • Gloves – your hands will normally be the most exposed, so keep them safe with a pair of tough leather gloves.
  • Work boots – Choose a pair of comfortable work boots so that you don’t feel fatigued, but ensure they have safety protection inbuilt.


A Hard Hat

Your head and brain is the control center of your body, and you definitely want to be keeping it safe. You already know construction workers always have their hard hats on, and you want to follow the same policy. Wherever you’re working, keep the helmet on and your head protected. Whether you’re working on a ladder or redoing the roof, always keep on your hard hat. With that you can guarantee your brain and head will be kept safe in case of any falling objects.


Just as you need to protect your brain, you also need to keep your eyes away from the all the dust and particle exposure. Whether you’re removing walls or changing flooring, there will be a high amount of dust involved, and you want your eyes to avoid it as much as possible. Additionally, if you’re working with paint or other substances, goggles are a way to ensure that you won’t encounter any problems. Paint or dust in the eye could cause major problems, and your best protective measure is to wear goggles. Go for a pair that is approved by the OSHA.

Face Shield

It’s a tough job keeping all of those chemicals and substances out of your system. Face shields will go that extra mile to protect your nose and mouth, ensuring you don’t breathe in anything harmful. Inhaling excessive paint fumes or dust is extremely dangerous to your system, and face masks prevent you from breathing in anything but good old oxygen. With your hard hat, goggles, and face shield ready to go, your head should be all covered with the right equipment.


Your hands are used for everything, and they are probably your most vital tool for your renovation! While a little paint on them might not do any damage—besides their annoying habit of staying on for days—open cuts and lead dust do not work well together. Keep on your protective gloves for a little extra distance between those large tools and keep your hands clean. If you’re renovating your garden or outdoor areas as well, then gloves are even more important.

Steel Capped Work Boots

We’ve covered your head and hands, so now let’s take a look at your most neglected body part; your feet. Steel capped work boots are not only for protection; they’re also for making sure your feet don’t tire out after just an hour or two. Safety toes will ensure your toes are extra safe from falling objects and you’ll also be able to stay on your feet for longer. The boots are shock absorbent, comfortable, and steady, ensuring you can work standing up for hours on your renovation without the risk of slipping or foot pains. For information on the best work boots for your project, visit the work boot critic, order your boots, and get your project started!
Home renovation can be a rewarding hobby, but just because you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow safety procedures. To make your next project is a successful one, use all the protective equipment suggested

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September 5, 2014
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Hunting 101

Photo by Alberto ….

Hunting was not always the sport it is nowadays. It used to serve as a means for our ancestors to gather food. Through the years, our forefathers have made use of hunting to sharpen their skills of tracking, thus allowing them to develop strategic thinking and tactical reasoning. Hunting initially started as a simple throwing of rock and sticks. This throwing was directed at the animal of their choice. After some time, weapons and devices were added to their hunting sessions as a way to make the hunting process more effective and efficient. Out of the weapons came about the bow and arrow. The first weapon used for hunting, a bow and arrow proved to be very useful in getting prey. After making use of the bow and arrow for many years, innovations ushered in firearms. Firearms came in the place of hand canons, guns and rifles that made hunting so much easier. Over the years, firearms became a common tool in the world of hunting as it made hunting their prey an easier task.

Benefits of Hunting

Hunting has affected we way we live life in the present. By virtue our ancestors learning how to hunt, it has created a ripple effect that inadvertently affected both the landscape of Mother Earth and the ecological systems. Our ancestors learned new skills and developed better strategic skills. Eventually they learned to be civilized. And this is all thanks to hunting.

Hunting in the Current Times

Although we no longer need to hunt for food, it has still remained to be a favorite pastime of many people. In fact, hunting has already become a highly popular sport. Many people still view hunting as an exciting sport. So for those who are interested in hunting, here are the different equipment you may need for hunting:

  • Guns. Guns are used to hunt down animals. But different kinds of shotguns have different purposes and strengths. For hunting small preys like turkeys, a shotgun with a smaller shot will do. Hunting bigger prey such as deer, bears and elks, shotguns with single solid balls are more suitable. Rifles are also good for bigger prey.
  • Archery equipment. Among all the kinds of hunting equipment, these would be the best as they are able to hit prey of all kinds and sizes. The compound bow is a good choice for hunting as it uses cables and pulleys. This modern bow is stiffer as compared to the longbow and recurve bow. But the stiffness of its limbs makes it more efficient than other bows.

So for those who are looking at hunting now, it is best to invest in a good compound bow. Not only will you cover more distance, but it is also a more effective tool. Read about best compound bow reviews for beginners and hunters by visiting this website, crossbowcritic.com.

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August 21, 2014
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How This One Site Saved Me Thousands on My Move

Moving from one house to another can be an enormous hassle, as I discovered the first time I moved. Though the new place was relatively close by, shifting all our furniture and other stuff from one location to another was expensive and really troublesome. I found out just how many things people accumulate just by living, and how much work it is transporting them. I was expecting a nightmare when we moved furniture across country, but ShipHawk came to the rescue.

I had never heard of ShipHawk before, but one of my friends who knew that we were moving told me to look it up. I figured anything was worth a try, because if moving to the next town was such a hassle, what was it going to be like moving from coast to coast?

With the way freight usually works, I was expecting to pay an arm and a leg, and then find out that half our things went missing somewhere around Kansas when they were transferred onto the wrong truck. We were also naturally worried about damage, since the usual shippers sometimes use companies that don’t have any experience shipping household goods on some legs of the journey.

I wouldn’t go quite so far as to say that ShipHawk is the best thing since sliced bread, since I can’t imagine living without that, either. The company gave us a bunch of options from their shipper network and we were able to pick out an affordable one that had a lot of experience shipping furniture and houseware. It was great to be able to “comparison shop” online so easily, and ShipHawk really streamlined that process. It saved me hours of phone calls, at a minimum.

You can also see up front how the available shippers are insured and licensed for moving. Then, once you tell ShipHawk which one you want, they handle so much of the process that you have practically nothing to do other than sit back and watch as your stuff is packed up and wafted from one end of the nation to the other without you lifting a finger. I was expecting a whole flock of headaches, but I didn’t feel tempted to reach for aspirin bottle once. And that, let me tell, is an amazing feeling when you’re moving that far, or moving at all.

ShipHawk arranged the packing, set up the pickup, tracked the shipments for us so that we knew our things were safe and sound, and ensured the delivery was carried out. Though their guarantee only covers a maximum of $250 in damage, everything was so professionally handled and clockwork smooth that we weren’t concerned. As it turned out, we had no reason to worry.

After using ShipHawk, I definitely recommend them to anyone who is planning to move inside the United States. Whether you’re going a long way or a short one, these folks know how to ease your burdens at an already stressful time. I know we’ll be using their services if we move again. It’s high time that someone put the Internet to good use to make moving a lot smoother than it usually is. ShipHawk delivers on their promise to bring the process into the 21st century, and moved furniture across country with no hitches. Two thumbs up!

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August 20, 2014
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Best Home Weight Loss Tips

Photo by Alan Cleaver

When you are about to get married, you definitely want to look your best. You want to be the center of attention on your big day. You can only achieve this if you are in perfect shape. Thus, if you still have a few weeks to go before the wedding, you need to hurry up in achieving your desired body. If you have no time to hit the gym since you are busy preparing for the wedding, here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that you still lose weight even at home:

  1. Don’t just lie down and sleep when you have nothing to do. Take time to clean the house or do physical activities so you won’t gain weight. If possible, you can help in the heavy lifting as well in order to lose more weight. Just be careful not to hurt yourself. Also, remember not to be stressed out while doing the household chores.
  2. Stay out of the kitchen. It might be very enticing to eat a lot when you stay at home. However, when you are anticipating for your wedding, then don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you are tempted to eat, then get your wedding checklist and find something that has not been done yet. Don’t go for food tasting as well. Assign this job to someone else if you want the best dishes for your wedding.
  3. Buy simple equipment for workout. You can use this now that you are still waiting for the wedding or even after the wedding when you have decided to move out with your husband. They don’t have to be huge or hardcore just like other gym equipment. You just need something simple that will help you sweat when you are at home.
  4. Downsize. This means that when you eat, use smaller plates. When you can’t avoid drinking caffeinated or sweetened drinks, then use smaller glasses. Practice doing this so you won’t be tempted to eat a lot. At night, you should avoid eating heavy. Sleep early so you can focus all your energy during the day and be able to rest well at night.

With the help of these tips, you are assured that you will be on your perfect shape for the wedding. Just remember not to be too hard on yourself. You want to look slim and sexy for the wedding, but you don’t want to be too weak and unhealthy.

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August 10, 2014
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Guide to Vehicle Insurance Options

Forget for one instance, that there is a law which states that a car has to be insured before it is allowed on the road. Besides that piece of legislation, it is still important to have car insurance. Here are several reasons why a car owner has to insure his car:

  1. Accident liability as car owner. When an accident involving your car happens, and there is damage to property, like another car, or a fence, without insurance, these damages will be paid for out of the owner’s pocket. Whether the fault is with the owner, or car driver or not, this kind of liability can be covered by insurance, under a comprehensive coverage or even a third party coverage. What is a third party car insurance? Find out here!
  2. Repairs to the driver’s own car. Some accidents do happen. A lot of times it’s a minor scrape or a minor paint job. In some instances, there is no one to blame. Instead of asking for damages from any other party, an insurance coverage can cover for these types of damages.
  3. Car fire and theft. Nowadays, most car theft is traceable. This and fire insurance are remote possibilities, but when it does happen, it would be hard to raise money to pay for a new car, or to have the fire damage repaired.

For these types of damages, there are other penalties that would have to be paid to the authorities. These include any towing charges, or payment of solicitors, as well as the need to sue for damages. Without car insurances, the normal procedure would be to sue in court, and demand payment from the other party. The court would decide which party to attribute the fault, and only then would the damages be paid, out of the pocket of the one of the parties involved in the accident. With insurance coverage, the amount insured is used as coverage for any damages, depending on the terms of the insurance.

Without car insurance, there would be a lot of time spent at the courts, trying to sort out who is liable for what. Attribution for car accidents is a contentious affair. At the very least, car insurance covers payments for liabilities due to accidents, vehicular malfunction or human error.

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August 3, 2014
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The Meanest Chainsaw Models

Chainsaws roar, they’re hard to control, they’re sharp bladed, they’re mean little machines. Make one wrong move and they’re going to cut you alive. Chainsaws are not made for intimidation they are made for construction.

Quick not so fun fact about chainsaws – they were first invented intentionally for medical purposes.

Just like most machines, chainsaws have different parts that work together for it to perfectly operate – the engine, the guide bar, the drive mechanism and the cutting chain. These parts require maintenance which often consisted of lubrication and sharpening.

Quick fun fact about chainsaws, a chainsaw piston goes up and down in the cylinder 20,000 times a minute as manifested in its monstrous severing of a tree trunk in half.

You probably see chainsaws being used by operators in harvesting wood. However, there are types of chainsaws that could cut bricks and stones. There are also chainsaws that are use to cut ice.

Although, chainsaws are primarily used in the commercial industry, they are also used in art. A sculpting revolution has started when artists carved their masterpieces from wood. They are mean machines that could sometimes be used as medium of expressions. It started spreading all over the world and has since then became an established genre of art. A number of people also considered chainsaw art as a hobby and at the same time they sell their craft to avid collectors of the woodworks.

Choosing the appropriate chainsaw to work with is a bit tricky. There are factors that an operator needs to consider such as how fast it operates, the vibration, the size, the decibels the sound of its engine gives off, the weight, the price and of course the usage. These features are continuously improved by the industry as tested by a new 2015 model. Top review site in the industry has examined the best and meanest of the new chainsaws. Here are some of them:

· Husqvarna 240e

The industry seemed to be in consensus about this model being the best to use. It is a bit expensive than the other models but definitely worth the price. It has a fairly longer bar but it weighs lighter than some of the chainsaws in the market. As with its operating power, it has a reasonable speed and fine vibration.

· Poulan PP3516AVX

What is best about this chainsaw model is that it is less expensive compared to the other models. With a good speed it is also one of the fastest saws available.

· Solo 636
This chainsaw model is fairly easy to use as it is lighter than most saws. Its speed is also reasonable and it gives off relatively lower decibels which are considered safer to the operator’s ears.

If you want to purchase a chainsaw try to know which one you are most comfortable working with. This is not only for good results but also for safety. When a chainsaw roars, it could destroy for sure.

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July 11, 2014
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Facts about Exercise Shoes You Shouldn’t Believe

Foot for thought

In sports channels like ESPN and BTV, you always see these different brands like Nike and Adidas go head to head by providing you with a lot of basketball shoes that are sponsored by professional athletes. But let’s be pragmatic for one second here. Basketball shoes are just ordinary shoes. The moment we believe that wearing them can help improve our game, it’s when we become a victim of corporate deception. It’s like taking a medicine simply because we fell for the placebo.

I am not going to discredit basketball shoes, CrossFit shoes , and even Zumba shoes. They are designed to meet the needs of an individual for that particular sport. However, there are some things that you need to understand when it comes to using exercise shoes.

  1. Exercise shoes help boost performance – To some extent, it can boost performance, but it doesn’t refer to the quality. Running shoes may be able to help you propel faster and provide support for the balls of your feet, but remember they don’t affect your cardio level. A pair of CrossFit shoes like the list in this link cannot help you become stronger, but they can provide you with a better foundation.
  2. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can damage your feet – Yes and no. This is more into common sense than anything else. First, would you wear basketball shoes for a 5 mile run or a pair of Zumba shoes to play football? Of course not. There’s always a reason why these exercise shoes are designed that way. A pair of basketball shoes is intended for running in hardwood flooring because they are designed with more traction and lightweight. If you put these on the streets, you’ll wear out the soles faster than a man eating a donut. If you wear Zumba shoes for football, where are you going to get traction in the field of grass?
  3. Exercise shoes can help improve feet health / improve weight loss – This was something that put Vibram in trouble for claims about the benefits of running in barefoot. Apparently, the claims were not proven and they were in a whole lot of trouble. Exercise shoes, basketball shoes, and even weightlifting shoes can claim a lot of things, but don’t assume that they will 100% work for you. If a pair of running shoes by Brand XY can claim that it helps you lose weight, remember that the act of running is the factor that helps you lose weight and not the shoes. If a pair of basketball shoes from brand AZ can claim that it will help you play better, remember that practice makes you better at playing and not the shoes. When a pair of shoes says that it can help improve feet health, remember that diet plays a bigger role.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the advertisements that these exercise shoes are displaying. It all boils down to how you perceive the advertisement. If you’re faced with the dilemma of buying a pair of exercise shoes, you need to do some research first on the kind of shoes you want then go for a brand.

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July 3, 2014
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Best Internet Business Ideas

Photo by SEOPlanter and reproduced under Creative Commons

Regular households with only a single income coming in is, more often than not, no longer able to meet the daily expenses incurred for basics as well as education and other essential miscellaneous needs. Prices of goods and services constantly go up and maintaining a well kept home can be quite expensive. For this reason, people have begun to search for ways to add some income to be able to keep up with monthly expenses as well as to put some money away for a rainy day.

Benefits of Starting an Online Business

There are so many ways these days to earn some extra income. From opening a store to accepting a second job, the variety is seemingly endless. However, by far, the most common and convenient way to earn extra cash is to start an online business. What makes online businesses stand out is that it does demand entrepreneurs to spend more for store rental. In addition to this, online businesses would naturally have better access to potential clients and customers. Everything these days can be transacted online and for this reason, selling products and services online can be a whole lot easier with less money spent.

4 Online Business Ideas

  1. Writing. The Internet is widely used in a majority of countries in the world. In the past, one may need to be physically present to be able to do business with other people. These days, there are so many online writing jobs available which allows people to write for paid blogs, articles and even resumes from the comforts of home.
  1. Selling products. A lot of people these days lead very busy lives and do not have the patience and time to go to the mall to shop. For this reason, people like shopping online to be able to purchase what they need without leaving their homes. Starting an online shopping business will enable you to conveniently reach out to your customers no matter where they are.
  1. English teaching jobs. These days, a lot of people, particularly those in none English speaking countries desire to improve their English speaking and writing skills
  1. Virtual assistant. People who lead busy lives more often than not need additional assistance when it comes to keeping track of their appointments and errands. A virtual assistant is able to accomplish all these tasks and more without leaving their computer.

Having an online business is ideal for people who desire to work conveniently from home and be closer to their families. However, it is important to accomplish some research on what type of business would be ideal for you to stick with depending on your interest and skills.

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June 27, 2014
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Get an Electric Tank-less Water Heater Now

Water heaters, by default, have tanks to store water. When you have this kind of water heater, your water goes into the tank where it is heated and stored constantly for a set temperature. When any of the faucets are turned on that need hot water, hot water will be delivered to the said fixtures. While it is a very effective heater, it does require some bit of maintenance due to the fact that it could spring leaks, flood your floor area, and even cause your water to look and taste like rust.

Because it is constantly heating, it is also constantly using a lot of energy so your energy bills are skyrocketing every month.

The alternative

The tank-less water heater is a great alternative for those who’re looking to get hot water on demand without having to pay a lot for their energy bill at the end of each month. The tank-less water heater, whether it is a gas-powered or electric heater, is something that you need to consider because it’s known to be 25% to 40% more energy efficient than their tanked counterparts.

However, due to their tank-less feature, they cannot accommodate every fixture of the house that needs hot water. If you’re running hot water for your shower now and the wife needs hot water for the dishwasher, that’s still fine. But if there’s another fixture that needs hot water, it may not be able to deliver. If you want to have hot water on demand available at home, you need to purchase another tank-less water heater.

The benefits of a tank-less water heater

A tanked water heater would consume a lot of floor space and they always look so obstructive or out of place. Imagine a big furnace-like cylinder smack in the middle of your basement or outside your home. a tank-less water heater barely consumes any space at all. They are so compact to the point that they can be placed in any room of the house, like your kitchen or bathroom. They also look sleek and modern so they won’t really stand out like a sore thumb.

Another benefit of having a tank-less water heater is that they last longer. At best, they can last up to 15 years on average usage. They also require less maintenance, so even if you do not check up on them, there’s hardly any worry about leaks or flooding. The only time you have to worry about leaks or flooding is when they are coming straight out your plumbing.

Lastly, the tank-less water heater is energy efficient. It provides hot water on-demand, meaning it doesn’t necessarily have the need to constantly heat water in a tank. It only heats water when the fixture for hot water is turned on. It provides you hot water when you want it and when you need it. it only uses energy to heat the water when there’s a demand. If your energy bill has an added $200 for a tanked water heater, you can cut that increase by close to 40%.

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June 26, 2014
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What is A Novated Lease?

Photo by Pascal and reproduced under Creative Commons

For those who are looking at leasing a car, one way you can opt to go about would be by availing of a novated lease.  Available for those who are employed, novated leases are agreements between an employee, employer and a leasing company. Through novated leases, en employee will be able to enter a lease with the help of their employer. The employer will be making payments directed to the leasing company. Payments made to the leasing company will come from the employee’s salary. That way you will be able to easy to get your car lease without much of a problem. A novated lease allows you to lease a vehicle and this will be placed under your package. Your payables will be under the responsibility of your employer and the car will eventually transferred over to your ownership once you have fully paid your dues.

Here are some benefits of getting a novated lease:

  • It is highly beneficial for employees to get a novated lease, as there will be quite a bit of savings on the difference of the actual purchase price and leasing costs of the vehicle. A loan would require high monthly payments, but a lease would only require a smaller monthly payment. As a loan would require you to pay for the car’s entire selling price, a lease would only require a fraction of the entire sum, making it easy on the pocket.
  • As an employee, chances of you having a large lump sum readily available are not that likely. However with the use of a novated lease, you will be able to get a car easily. Getting a novated lease is very easy on the pocket, as you will only be paying small amounts every payday, as this will be deducted from your salary.
  • As you will be signing the lease with your company, you need not worry about preparing necessary documents to lease the vehicle. The company will help you facilitate everything to be able to help you lease your vehicle easily.

For those who would like to avail of a novated lease in Australia, here are some of the companies that provide novated leases:

  • Advantage Leasing. One of the top companies that offer this type of loan, the novated lease from Advantage Leasing also includes vehicle servicing and vehicle maintenance. They also provide funds for tyre changes. Apart from this, they also offer re-registration services and insurance services. Roadside assistance is also extended to those who have entered a lease with Advantage Leasing. Moreover those who have entered a lease will also get a fuel card for their fuel purchases.
  • Custom Fleet. One of the more popular companies that offer a novated loan, Custom Fleet offers services for vehicle acquisition. They can help you in acquiring a vehicle that will best fit your budget and your requirements. Just let them know what you need and they will be able to find the right vehicle for you. For a novated lease, Custom Fleet can also offer you options as to whether you want to get a finance lease or an operating lease. Just sit down with their personnel to see which option is best for you. One of the best things about signing up with Custom Fleet is that their Fleet card is accepted by most of the major fuel outlets nationwide. Best about the Fleet card is that discounts are given when you purchase any fuel products. They also offer maintenance services that can cover your expenses for repairs and servicing. Also coming with an insurance policy, the Novated leases released by Custom Fleet are very comprehensive.
  • FleetPlus. Another popular company utilized for novated leases, you can enjoy fuel discounts when purchase products from the accredited fuel outlets. Should you need help with services for maintenance and repairs, just go to any accredited partner of FleetPlus to get discounts for your repairs.

Find out more about Novated Lease by clicking here.

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June 13, 2014
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Top Environmentally-friendly Vehicles Available in Australia

Photo by Sébastien Launay and reproduced under Creative Commons

Human transportation has almost taken the sole responsibility for the depletion of the Earth’s resources like fossil fuels, pollution, and climate change. This is the reason why car manufacturers today are releasing eco-friendly cars which are both fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Green Vehicle guide, a government-backed organization dedicated to provide ratings for environmental performance of new cars sold in Australia, features a ratings system based on greenhouse and air pollution emissions. Cars are given three ratings:

Greenhouse Rating

This rating considers the effects this car has on climate change and greenhouse effect based on carbon monoxide emissions. Cars are rated is a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the lowest emission. A rating of 10 means the car is very environmentally friendly.

Air Pollution Rating

This rating is more concerned with the car’s emission level of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide. The rating is still much the same with Greenhouse Rating.

Overall Star Rating

The overall rating of the car is based on a 1 to 5 star system with 5 being the highest. This is determined by adding up the greenhouse and air pollution rating scores. Cars with scores of 16 and above are given a 5-star rating.

Environmentally-friendly cars may be expensive but they can prove to cheaper in the long run given that they consume less fuel compared to non-green cars. Here are four environment-friendly cars in Australia you can consider:

  1. Toyota Prius. Although this car has suffered a number of recalls since the time it was launched, it still remains among the top favourites in Australia. That is because it has received so much good “green car” ratings. This car’s electric/petrol engine has a very low carbon dioxide emission keeping it down to only 89g/km. as a result, it hold a very high greenhouse rating of 9.
  1. Toyota Camry. Another Toyota car is also highly praised for its environment-oriented designs. That is the Toyota Camry. It has garnered a 5-star ranking from the Green Vehicle Guide. This ranking is largely because of its low carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions. Its fuel economy is also great. It is truly a green car for the whole family.
  1. Suzuki Alto. Yes, this compact car may not be as big and spacious as the others but its highly fuel efficient engine allows for a longer ride than most cars. In fact, a full tank can run up to 725 kilometres without needing to refuel. The good thing about it is that its CO2 emission is only at 110g/km. That is a ridiculously low emission, which makes this car one of the “greenest” in Australia
  1. Kia Sportage. It is important to note that despite the SUVs being unknown in terms of “cleanness”, this car has made it to the list. But the Kia is a recipient of an internationally recognized certificate for its environmental awareness. The Sportage is actually given a 4 star by the Green Vehicle Guide with an 8.5 rating on air pollution.

Environmentally-friendly or “green” cars are definitely the best choice to protect our planet from further damage. This useful website will show you the top fuel efficient cars available in Australia.

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June 8, 2014